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silent retreats

Silent Retreats…. Learn from Silence, the great teacher. Yoga masters describe God as Ever-existing Bliss Consciousness. Silence is the altar upon which we develop our communion with that Bliss. Keeping Silence is an acknowledgement that nothing that we think or express can adequately express the Truth. Silence helps us to see ourselves more clearly, to see the course of our thoughts and the currents of our hearts. Together with the techniques of Raja yoga, we have a powerful opportunity to use […]

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buttes trip

yoga life internship

The Yoga Life internship program We welcome you to spend some time as part of our spiritual family, homesteading for the Divine! Available from April through October, our “Yoga Life” internship program has grown in popularity, deeply touching the lives of many seeking souls. This program draws from the best of what the ashram has to offer but with greater flexibility, allowing us to practice putting Spirit first and living life. A structured, group dynamic helps to support the good habits […]

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personal retreats

 Support yourSelf…. Taking a personal retreat at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary allows for an informal stay on the property. Ideal for those who have their own spiritual routines, or those who want support in developing some. Visitors can take the experience at their own pace. Outside of the scheduled programs, residents of the Sanctuary maintain a flow of sadhana (spiritual practice), meals and recreation that guests of diverse perspectives and paths have found enriching. Getaways from life’s busyness can be deeply […]

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Karen M.

“Words cannot describe how wonderful my time was at the sanctuary. I was a beginner in meditation and yoga practices, but the sanctuary opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the Divine everywhere."

Jemma P.

“Thank you for reawakening my spirit with incredible doses of wisdom and Light! Thank you for being an inspiration of stillness, compassion and devotion to the infinite. This has been a profound and epiphany-filled living and learning experience...

L. Hendricks

“I’m not quite sure how to describe on this little piece of paper how special and vital to my overall being spending my week up here has been…I was divinely guided and have continued to be the entire time I’ve been here."

B.J. Fromm

"I left feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually elevated. As if I actually ‘graduated’ into the next phase of life, as a better, clearer, higher, calmer, more aware soul than the one I was upon arriving"

R. Smith

"I think about the sanctuary and our meditations/discussions every day.... I have never had a practice and teachings resonate so strongly and passionately. I can't thank you enough for that!"


M. Eskina

"My life has been shifted, entirely, thanks to the space, practice and environment that you have created here. No wonder my road led me here....There's not much I can say besides thank you."

A. S. Berkeley, CA

"For those seeking spiritual support, transformation, and community, The Sanctuary offers an abundance. My time here has been a magical journey. We meditate morning and evening, work in the garden, plant and harvest organic vegetables, eat 'real' ...

A.G. Rhode Island

"This place has been one of the most divine experiences of my journey so far, it has become a home... My time here has brought out the best in me and has left me feeling centered and grounded. Being able to apply my own creativity and gusto to the...

D.D. New York City, NY

"The Air is different here. Whenever I breathe in here I feel peace, acceptance and love. From the moment I arrived my experience with the people here has been everything I needed and more. A place like the Sanctuary attracts those who are looking...

A.M. Baltimore

“I feel so fortunate to have spent time at this retreat, and learned so much. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. After coming back to Baltimore I felt so spiritually awakened and excited, life has been very different...

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Our retreat center lies at the heart of 35 secluded acres of the Sierra Foothills. With a huge garden, orchard, trails to the Yuba River and several sacred spaces on-site, stepping onto this property is like arriving at a true sanctuary. We host a variety of meditation retreats, workshops and silent retreats, led by experienced teachers. From Raja yoga and Kriya yoga intensive retreats, to Vedic astrology workshops, our community of practitioners offer a range of insights into the path […]

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